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In an effort to assist you through the Court process, it will be necessary to meet with you and provide coaching for your individual situation.  We will assess and evaluate your need and refer you to an attorney that will meet your need at a price you can afford.  If you believe your situation does not require an attorney, we will obtain the necessary information in order to complete your court form documents to proceed through the court process.


Tri-County staff are not attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advice.  Should you need legal advice, Tri-County's referral attorneys will provide you with legal advice and answer any legal questions you may have.


- Assessment & Evaluation

- Attorney Referral

- Fundamental Counseling

- Coping & Adjustments

- Court Documents

- Credit Counseling Resources

- Children of Divorce Class Information

- Notary Public



- Collaborate with attorneys on tasks​
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Assist with documentation production​
- Provide resources for family counseling

Articles & Resources
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