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We understand that divorce, bankruptcy or any family law matters can be quite emotional and, at times, hard to handle.  We, at Tri-County approach the fact of divorce, bankruptcy and family law matters with a compassionate and non-judgmental approach.  We have been through the same events in our lives and know how taxing it can be on you emotionally.  We also know how costly it can be.  We interview attorneys in your area to insure that they meet the criteria of our clients.  Our referral attorneys are interviewed and accepted to the Tri-County referral list based on their personality, knowledge and cost effectiveness.  We want to insure that your experience through the legal system is as pleasant as it can be. We also offer an alternative to the cost of hiring an attorney by preparing court forms for you.  However, if you believe you need legal representation, we have an array of attorneys that we believe we can match to your personality and your specific needs to allow you the effectiveness you deserve in the courtroom. 

Our Team

Pamela M. Ballew

Court Document Expert

Tri-County Services

Ms. Ballew has been in the legal field since 1981.  She has been employed for over 18 years as a paralegal under some of the most talented and well respected attorneys in the Tampa bay area.  This experience has allowed her to be able to select attorneys who provide the utmost performance for Tri-County clients without the expense that other attorneys may charge.


Ms. Ballew and Tri-County staff are not attorneys and therefore cannot provide you with legal advice.  They have the resources to provide you with attorneys close to your home who will provide you with legal advice and we encourage you to seek advice from an attorney.

Tri-County Services has served the Tampa Bay area since 1995.  Its main mission is to help those individuals that can not afford an attorney but need to be represented in the Court system.  Through the years, it has evolved to providing a more supportive role to those individuals faced with life changing and challenging situations by assisting them through the legal process with support, documentation and much needed compassion while being non-judgmental.​

Our Offerings

Tri-County offers support and guidance needed for individuals who are going through one of the worst emotional times of their life and to help them come through the process with their head held high and with the least amount of economic impact to the family dynamic.

Our Mission

To support you through the legal process and allow you to feel confident about yourself as you move forward in the legal process.

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