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Whether its a Dissolution of Marriage or any family law matter, we, at Tri-County Services, are here to assist the broken hearted couples who have to now face the fact that their dream of a lasting marriage is over and who are now struggling with the fear, frustration, agoney and uncertainty of the court system.  If you are already divorced and have a child support issue, we can also help!


We empower you so that you can go through the court system to obtain the relief you need without costing you all of your life's savings.  Contact us today and let's get started!


Bankruptcy:  Tried of harrassing bill collectors?  Have you undergone the foreclosure process?  How about huge credit card debt which does not seem to go away?  We can help you with this problem too!  We are experts at preparing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy paperwork.  Don't put it off for another day, get all this stress behind you!  Contact us today and let's get started on putting your life back to a happy life.



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